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Our unit failed to work correctly Saturday, and not sure how to find a honest repair person my husband hit the yellow pages, but unsuccessful due to lack of information. Preparing for church Sunday, we saw an "Angie's List" commercial and decided to join. After Church we completed our first search and had the best deal offered to us by "Cactus cooling and heating Co."  The owner called me Sunday and agreed to send a technician out by the name of Matt on Monday @ 11:00am.

Matt arrived at 10:00am and got right to work. He was very professional, and extremely knowledgeable. He identified the problem within minutes but continued as promised with a full diagnostic check. He made us aware of some things that may be a problem in the future due to normal wear and tear. The final cost was actually a few dollars less than the phone quote. By 10:30am my husband was writing the check, and by 10:45 I was writing this review.  I would say Cactus Cooling and Heating Co. was very  responsible and fair in all areas related to this job. I will keep their card forever.

Cactus Cooling and Heating Co. was the only company that responded once I mentioned I located them on "Angie's List."  Your service call will be $$, because we really appreciate customers from "Angie's List"" He stated.  Right off the bat I saved money!  I can save you time and money by simply advising you to contact  Cactus Cooling and Heating Co. for all of your AC/Heating repairs.


Additional questions answered when completing this report

  • How much did the final cost compare to the original estimate? lower than estimate
  • How does the value of the work compare to the price? I got exactly what I paid for
  • How far in advance did you schedule the work? within a week
  • Did you find the company through Angie's List? yes
  • If yes, which source(s)? website
  • Why did you choose this contractor? They respond 24/7, and they had good reviews.
  • Have you used this company before? this is the first time I've used this company
  • What did you like most about this contractor? Efficience!
  • What did you like least about this contractor? Nothing.
  • What surprises came up during the course of the work? I was surprised that they didn't try and sell me freon. I thought that was very honest of them.
  • What words of advice would you give other members considering this contractor? Trust this contractor, to be a company of their word and talk you through every step of the repair.
  • What words of advice would you give this contractor? KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! Continue to be fair and honest in business and continue to honor your word.
  • This is your space. Feel free to give us your two cents ... or quote your favorite movie? I am glad my husband and I joined Angie's list and found Cactus Cooling and Heating Co. I look forward to finding other great finds via this list as we set out to add on to our home.